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Does the size need to be exactly the sizes listed?

No I can make stamps any size. The price will be based on the closet size stamp.

What size do I need? Can you help me decide?

Just let us know what you will be stamping  and any other details you have and we will be happy to make a recommendation and provide a proof that shows what your stamp will look like.

How much does your design service cost?

Nothing. Just contact us with your design or idea and we can get started on your started working on a  proof for you. Make as many changes to the design until you are happy with the design. You don't pay anything until you are happy with the proof and you are ready to order.


What do I need to get started?

Just an idea of what you want is all you need. We work from descriptions, ideas, sketches, and artwork to make you proofs. If you aren't sure what will fit or what it will look like don't hesitate to ask and we will work to create your own artwork to make you a proof so you can see your design brought to life. Don't hesitate to request changes until it is exactly what you want. 


Do we offer quantity discounts and wholesale orders?

Yes we do. Even orders as small as 3 or more stamps can get a discount. Please contact us for details.

How quickly can my stamp be made?

Stamps can be made as quickly as same day with a rush fee.  In order to be shipped the same day your order must be paid before 10:00 am if you would like express shipping so that pickup can be scheduled. Some larger orders or large stamp sizes will need more time. Rush orders require an extra fee for the rush production and for expedited shipping. These are general guidelines and some stamps may take longer depending on the quantity, time of year, etc. Please ask for an estimate.


Custom Marking Stamps

Use our service to order custom marking stamps or stamp inserts that carry your name or logo. Then personalize your designs with your custom stamp—or create quality tags that you attach to your designs—and keep your business in mind with your customers for years to come. All stamps are made in the USA.

Regular stamps are ideal for marking precious metals; suitable for any soft metals including gold (14K and finer), silver, copper and brass.


Premium tool stamps designed for marking steel and stainless are available.

Superior-quality tool steel stamps are quench-hardened (to 64HRC) and tempered for strength and durability.

Beveled ends protect stamps against cracking and fraying.

Designs are engraved to a depth of .030" (.762mm).


For alpha-numeric custom stamps, please specify:

  • Straight- or bent-shank style stamp

  • Font name or style

  • Total top-to-bottom height of impression in (in millimeters or inches).


Pricing on alpha-numeric stamps will vary based on the size of the impression needed. For custom artwork/logo stamps, please specify:

Straight- or bent-shank style stamp Total top-to-bottom height of artwork (millimeters or inches) Please Note: Bent shank stamps are not recommended for marking flat surfaces.


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