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Having trouble making an impression? Not sure if you are doing something wrong? Looking for stamping help? Ask one of our experts for help. They have experience with stamping all metals with thousands of designs and are happy to help you.



We recommend the following for making the most of your new Custom Hand Stamp.

Tip #1

Always use safety glasses when using stamps. Stamps are hardened steel and may shatter, even when used by someone with years of experience.

Tip #2

Use the correct hammer for stamp size and material, too light of a hammer may cause you to overswing and hurt your hand or your stamp. We also recommend a brass hammer if you have one available. It works better than steel and is safer.

Tip #3

Practice first. Use your new stamp a few times on a practice piece first before stamping your finished products.

Tip #4

Never strike the face of the stamp with a hammer.

Tip #5

A controlled, even swing will give the best results; do not try to overpower the stamp.

Tip #6

If a stamp chips or cracks, do not continue using it. A cracked stamp may break from the stress of being struck, even when stamping soft material.

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