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     Our custom steel stamps are made to last a lifetime and are made to exacting standards. The premium steel marking stamps and jewelry stamps are hardened and tempered to last and leave a quality marking experience in whatever metal you mark.

      We create your design so the stamp will leave a deep clear lasting impression.

     We can customize every aspect of your stamp. Whether it is the impression size, shape, shank, size, length, or material we can make a stamp for you.

     There are no shortcuts to quality and we use our experience to bring you the best quality marking tools at the best prices. Our quality craftsmanship can meet your unique marking needs whatever you need.

Every piece is tested by our master craftsman to ensure that you always receive the best with a lifetime warranty

Whether you have a design or haven't made a design yet, we are here to help you .

Check out our info pages with FAQ, stamping tips, material recommendations, our policies, and more about impact stamps.

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Have questions? To get started contact us through chat, email, or use our contact form to get a quote or have a your design made into a proof. Whether you have a design or haven't made a design yet, we are here to help you .