Custom branding iron head

PriceFrom $70.00

Leave your mark on your work. The branding head is machined from a solid bar of stainless, brass, aircraft-grade aluminum, or steel. It is not cast or molded.  A heavy thick head will retain heat during production use and last a lifetime. Branding iron is not included in the price.


For sizes larger then 1" square I will need to provide  you with a quote. Price includes branding head and variable control electric iron. For multiple custom heads please send a message and I will give you a quote. Smallest recommend font size is 3/32" (2mm) but bigger fonts will be stand out better then small fonts and script fonts should be larger.

Designs do not need to be square but can be rectangular or shaped to accommodate the design and reduce the price.

Brands are primarily designed to be used on wood but they can also be used on leather and soft materials, such as food, as well. Leather and other soft materials requires that your plate be cut with a deep relief please choose the deep design price. If you have any questions about your application and what will work best for you please send me a message and I will advise you on what will work best.

Please contact me with your design PRIOR to placing an order. Also please print off your design at the size you plan to use to check for suitability for your use. If you don't have a design and would like help creating one I am more then happy to help  to help  create the design or clean up on images that are of low resolution. This way if any changes need to be made to your order they can be made before you pay. Each brand is a custom creation to fit your needs. For design files, we ask that they are black on white, vector based (vector preferred) or high res (at least 300 or more dpi) saved as one of these formats: ai, pdf, eps, png or jpg. In addition to your design, you'll need to include the size (length, width, and area) as well as any other information you would like to add, including the material or materials that you will be branding. Design and info can be sent by email.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (Outside of North America): You must have a transformer to convert over to US 110-120V AC. The plug is a standard US plug (NEMA 15-5). Choose a transformer to one that is fully grounded so that the built-in safety features of the iron still work.

Note: Branding irons can make very sharp, detailed images if used properly. If we feel your logo might not burn properly because of certain elements (small script fonts or very little clear space around the design or words). If I have any concerns I will let you know before I make the design so you can approve any changes I may need to make. Designs will be made exactly as the proof so please make sure all spelling is correct and please check design and size before you pay.

Also available as attachment for drill press, foil stamping, and without electric iron.