• Jewelry Arbor Stamping Press - 1/2 or 1 ton Arbor Press

    PriceFrom $145.00

    Modified Arbor press gives you control over your stamps. Leave clean, crisp, and consistent stamps every time. No more wasting blanks or smashed fingers. It is an easy to use stamping tool to use that helps you make perfect impressions every time, in addition to avoiding hitting your fingers or ruining jewelry blanks by hitting them inaccurately using just a hammer. The press accommodates a 3/8" round stamp with adapters available by request for 1/4 inch - 2 inch stamps. Adapters can  allow it to work with square or round stamps of any brand.


    To use the tool simply follow these instructions:

    1. Place the blank under the stamp on the platform.
    2. Turn the handle on the arbor press until you feel it engage with the stamp.
    3. Line the stamp up with the area you want it imprinted on the jewelry blank.
    4. Apply continued pressure to the arbor press handle.
    5. While holding the handle strike the top of the press a few times with a hammer.
    6. When done release the arbor press handle. 
    7. Lift the stamp away from your jewelry blank to see your finished impression.

    Easy to use and it makes changing stamps a breeze.

    Get perfect results every time.



    For 1 ton option please contact us at [email protected]